TUFF Training, Inc. Endorses Antonio Arserio for Margate City Commissioner Seat 3

Margate, FL - Co-Founders and CEO of TUFF Training, Inc., Zack and Janaya Rehman have endorsed Antonio Arserio for Margate City Commissioner Seat 3. Opening soon on Atlantic Ave. between 441 and Rock Island, TUFF Training will serve the Margate community as a fitness studio and enrichment center. 


“We are excited to be amongst his distinguished list of supporters and are confident in his election and all the great things he will do for Margate.” said Zack and Janaya.


“Antonio has delivered on every promise made, assisting us with adjusting to the growing demands of opening a business.”

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SmartWater CSI Endorses Antonio Arserio for Margate City Commissioner Seat 3

SmartWater CSI Endorses Antonio Arserio for Margate City Commissioner Seat 3


In an era where public safety is of upmost importance, crime fighting company SmartWater CSI has endorsed Antonio Arserio for Margate City Commissioner Seat 3.

"From working with law enforcement and elected officials to community outreach across the U.S. and Caribbean, Antonio Arserio has proven to be dedicated to serving the community." said Phil Cleary, CEO of SWCSI.

"He has extensive experience of working with and within communities. For example, he played a roll in coordinating with Broward County Crime Stoppers to roll out SWCSI to Margate’s Coral Bay Community - at no cost to the Margate Police Department."

"Because of Antonio’s proven support of law enforcement, experience working with Government and elected officials, the Board has approved to endorse Antonio Arserio’s candidacy for Margate City Commissioner." said Cleary.

"Antonio exemplifies excellent public speaking skillsets and I can say, without doubt, Antonio Arserio will represent the residents and businesses of Margate at the highest level, always keeping their safety at the forefront of his mind."

About SmartWater CSI:
Sister to parent company and U.K.Super Brand SmartWater Ltd., SWCSI is a crime fighting and prevention company with an established track record for detecting and deterring criminal activity. Theye have created a wide range of crime reduction programs utilizing cutting-edge and proprietary traceable liquid products which have been highly successful in reducing crimes, such as burglary, robbery and asset theft. SWCSI works extensively with Law Enforcement, both at a local level and internationally, to implement crime deterrence strategies.


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Arserio Challanges Board Chair's From Obtaining Too Much Power

I will continue to fight with the residents and business to keep one person from making all the decisions, without any accountability.


"Added to the revised ordinance will be language that allows the Chair of both boards to cancel meetings due to lack of agenda items, a process recently challenged by P&Z member Antonio Arserio. Read with interest: Planning and Zoning Member Takes Proactive Position in City Planning Efforts" - MargateNews.net


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Business Executive, Planning & Zoning Board Member Runs for City Commissioner

Business Executive, Planning & Zoning Board Member Runs for City Commissioner

September 19, 2017 |  By MargateNews.net


Margate native Antonio Arserio is an active member of the community and proudly serves on the city’s Planning & Zoning Board where he has proven to play a very proactive role on the board, especially in terms of accountability and questioning the status quo. Aresrio announced his run for the Margate City Commission Seat 3 in the November 2018 election.

“The City of Margate needs a strong Commissioner, a leader, an outsider with a proven track record,” Arserio told press Tuesday.

“I look forward to knocking on every door and meeting every resident and business owner. I’m a good listener, I want to hear what the people have to say,” he told MargateNews.net.


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